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The Message

Welcome to the new website of Maia Basket Clube,

On the 7th of December of 2015 we accomplished another goal towards the development and consolidation of our club. We have launched our new website, an accomplishment that may seem to be a small one, but it is one that stands as an enormous achievement to us. We believe that this is the way that leads to a real connection, a way to reach out and to share knowledge and information to everyone.

We have made available on this space every bit of information about our club – from historical data, game schedules, to championship standings and team product’s discounts. It is a place where you can find all the information, old and new, about MBC, and it will give club members, athletes, club fans and basketball fans the possibility to intervene and contribute dynamically to the development of Maia Basket Clube.

I think that the success of our work is measured by the performance of our teams, and by the quality of our youth development. Our biggest goal is to teach them, not only to be the best athletes, but to grow up to be outstanding persons.

I also believe that the more involved this board management is, the more reasons we will have for the success to become everlasting. Everything we do, we do it with the consideration of our club members and fans in mind. The collaboration of people that identify themselves with the projects and initiatives of our Club is essential to us, and to its solidification.

But, above everything, I want this new website to bring us visibility, and to reinforce the connection between Maia Basket Clube, it fans and the world.

I have been connected to this Club for about 15 years, and they have led me to believe that our growth only relies on the will and the passion of everyone, and this road as been filled with nothing but success. The renown of today owes much to what has been done before, a past made of hard work, sacrifice and resolve to do more and better, and that is what we, Maia Basket Clube, will always fight for. Always working towards a better tomorrow and for a better MBC!  Our colours and, above everything else, our passion, is something that others should look up to, be it for our success, be it for our human and sporting education. This is something that has been characterizing us over the years.

I congratulate everyone who has made this Maia Basket Clube a national reality.

Best regards,

The President of the Board

Rui Lopes