The game last Saturday between the seniors of the Maia Basket / Escape Forte and the Tram FC had many interesting moments. The 20 assists of the team, which reveal the team work; The partial 24-14 in the second period, which indicates defensive and offensive ability; The high percentage of 2 points (70%) of our team, the number of points scored (98) and the victory in itself, which demonstrates competence; The high presence of Minis athletes in the game, which is a sign of interest in it; Or the moment, that in normal situations would be the high point of the game, in which the athlete David Gomes returns to the game, after having a sprain, that demonstrates a remarkable spirit of sacrifice by the equipment. However, none of these situations was, for us, the moment of the game.

Interestingly the timing of the game occurred after the game ended.

After the game, the team met on the bench with their unconditional supporters and then, when the coach was on his way to the bench next to the athlete David Gomes and asked him how the foot was, then it happens unexpectedly and suddenly The moment of the game.

The conversation between the two was interrupted, both looked left and down and a Mini 10 athlete, Afonso, starts talking to David Gomes, telling him:

“My mother is a doctor, if you want a second opinion she can see you.”

They looked at each other and David smiled, as if the pain had disappeared.

And this was the moment of the game. Because it was unexpected, surprising and genuinely to demonstrate initiative, concern and interest with others, willingness to contribute positively, providing resources (in this case, the mother’s knowledge) and support to those in a difficult situation.

Maia Basket is the largest basketball club in Portugal, at least in terms of number of athletes. Everyone, whether athletes, parents, supporters, managers, coaches, section-holders … have resources and if, like Afonso, we have the initiative to make our resources available, then everyone’s task will be easier and, at the end , Will be more those who will be satisfied, for having contributed to the construction of something important and significant.

Congratulations and thank you Afonso!