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The Club’s History

Maia Basket Clube, as the name itself implies, is a basketball club born and based in the municipality of Maia, Porto. This is a young club – that is just about to turn 14 years old -, but it is one with a very bright and lively existence, and already a club with a story to tell.

MBC was born on the 1997/98 season, from the initiative of the late President of the Municipal Chamber, Prof. Dr. Vieira de Carvalho. The club had the objective of participating on the Liga Professional de Basquetebol Portuguesa (or Portuguese Professional Basketball League), filling a gap that existed among the many sports that were practised in Maia. Many of the clubs that existed in Maia were already competing on the highest level.

The only club that existed in Maia was Juvemaia. The objective was to associate the formation to this one club, “leaving” MBC to compete in the League.
But, for various reasons, MBC did not enter the League that season, which was a good thing, because it made it possible to create a development plan for the sport in the municipality, focusing on the initialization and development of young players, knowing that the seeds that we sowed would take some time to grow and mature.

It was clear that we would need “something” that would call and encourage youngsters to practice the sport. We needed that “something” to be, as well, the club’s own image, a reflection of its competitive spirit, and, as well, of its civic and ethical behaviour.

And that was how MBC’s main team was created, composed predominantly by athletes that came from Juvemaia – the club that later would represent the feminine basketball team of the municipality -, reinforced with players that came from other teams, that believed in MBC’s project and guaranteed the competitive level that the city demanded.

“Maia – Capital of Basketball 2004”

We knew that only a strong commitment and effort in youth development would guarantee the club’s sustainability – providing its older teams with autonomy – and that the visibility and the founding of the club – essential to attract younger players – would require that the main team achieved an elevated competitive level. The goal designated was “Maia – Capital of Basketball 2004”, because of what was accomplished in those last years. This goal represented the ladder that we were just starting to climb, being that every season after 2004 was another step that we climbed.

In the short time span of 7 years, we went from 32 federated athletes, in 1997/98, to 130 in 2004/05, and from 1 coach to 7 coaches.

And, at the same time: our U-14 (Iniciados) team went from the 17th to 1st in the ranking of Porto’s Basketball Association (ABP or Associação de Basquetebol do Porto); our U-20 (Juniores A) team finished 1st in the District Championship, 1st place in the Regionals, and got the 4th in the Nationals; our main team (Seniores) went from 2nd Division B to the 5th place in Proliga, a remarkable accomplishment, even more so because our team only had native players.

To these milestones, more must be added. We have got to highlight the growing number of athletes; the District’s Championship of U-14, in the 2003/04 season; the success that the U-18 and the U20 team had on the 2001/02 and 2002/03 season, being District Champions as well; the climbing that the main team did, going from Division B II to Division A II, in 2001/02, and from that to Proliga, in 2002/03; the many athletes that have been called since then to play for the District’s and National Teams; and the renowned Torneio Prof. Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, our own tournament, for the U10 and U12 teams (or Minis).

And the recognition of this merits are well known with the countless awards that the club has been distinguished with by ABP, along all those seasons: athlete of the year, director of the year, coach of the year – just to name a few.

The Municipality of Maia has been distinguished as well, for its effort and contribution for the sport, with the award for Municipality of the Year, in 2000/01.

In 2010/11, the U-14 won the National Championship.

This resume has made MBC more than a regional reference, known for its ambition, attitude and for a well-conceived strategic management, strict budgeting and for an active community of athletes, parent, staff and administration.

Even though these achievements were attained from a collective effort, a great deal is given to the club’s coaches. In this respect, the club’s strategy club has always been to make available competent trainers and to recognize the successes of its athletes – to prove that, we had many coaches being called upon to train different selections, on various ages – from U14 to U20.